Sunday, January 29, 2017


I'm not surprised that I wasn't elected president. But I am surprised and shocked at what I consider the despicable cowardice and corruption of the American Establishment. My 12-12-2015 Update contains a copy of the letter that I mailed to thirty-six prominent members of the mainstream media (MSM). The letter and the envelope clearly stated that I was a legitimate presidential candidate. The letter contained my platform and a detailed explanation of my proposals for debt-free economic and monetary reforms. I received no response. Incredibly, none of my letters were even acknowledged. This is the standard pattern I have encountered for twelve years! Had I been granted a serious interview by even a handful of the thirty-six cable “news” and network “news” shows and the national “news” magazines that I contacted, my debt-free monetary reforms would have received national attention. The worthless American media hacks won't dare acknowledge my correspondence and give me an opportunity to open a dialogue or even have a paper trail. This is blatant cowardice, corruption and suppression of legitimate news and information. All the names of the “presstitutes” who suppressed the vitally important national issue of U. S. Treasury issued, legal tender, debt-free money can be found in the 12-12-2015 Update on this web site. But it gets worse, as I will explain below.

However, before I do that, I want to change the subject to my art. I'm putting a global FOR SALE sign on my art. Please click on the link to Ray's Art" located on the right side of my home page. (The ad hock presentation was temporary and crude. I never got the time to install a proper portfolio on the web site because of my political activity.) Apparently, my contemporary art, like my debt-free monetary reform proposals, is waaaaaaaaay over the heads of the audience. No gallery will touch me and nobody who has seen my art (except for my wife and one other person) “gets it.” Despite the frosty response from the galleries, I will stack my art up against anything in the contemporary art market. A friend once told me (as he dismissed my contemporary art): “I don't like art that I have to figure out.” That's a valid criticism that I address with explanatory essays. The essays are integral to the art work and I think they obviously enhance the composition. My plan was to finance my presidential campaign (and my two campaigns for the Pennsylvania state legislature) with the sale of my art. I sold no art. I didn't even get a single inquiry about the art and I didn't get a penny of financial support for my presidential campaign. The MSM claims the Russians improperly influenced the 2016 presidential election. I say the MSM improperly influenced the election when they ignored my campaign. But I digress, back to my art.

I want to call attention to several of my art works that I think are outstanding. The RA-5C aircraft painting is photo realistic despite the fact that I've never had any art training. In fact, I was teaching myself how to paint with oils when I did this painting. Considering the neuroscientific theory behind my “synesthetic art” and the extremely difficult, labor intensive precision required to execute them properly, these paintings are patently awesome, in my opinion. The abstract derivatives that are based on the synesthetic art conform to sound artistic theory and they were also extremely difficult to execute. Close examination will reveal that all of the abstract derivatives conform precisely to the synesthetic image from which they were derived. The colorization and modification of the synesthetic images was carefully considered and based on precise, logical formulae. Mistakes were scrupulously avoided. The results speak for themselves.

The synesthetic oil paintings “Bang” (and its abstract, scientific and mathematical derivatives) and “Thunder,” (and its abstract derivative) and the “Pop” abstract derivative, “Pop (Blue),” were almost impossible to execute as their theory and formulae demanded. But, after a concept had occurred to me, I was trapped by my own artistic and intellectual rigor. These paintings weren't pointlessly difficult exercises, however. Their essays and formulae clearly make this point. “Patty's Embrace” and “Patty's Embrace (Red)” depict a romantic moment in a way that almost defies description. My brain recorded the moment and my artistic personality took it from there. It is appropriate that my wife picked the colors of “Patty's Embrace (Red)” because, neurally, the image is her.

My scientific derivatives, in my opinion, blend art and science in a way not seen since Leonardo da Vinci. I reversed Einstein's famous E=mc2 equation to produce an equation that represents creation: E/c2=m. As far as I know, that idea never occurred to Einstein. E/c2=m is the concept behind three of my scientific derivative paintings. “E/c2=m” is a colorized visual metaphor for the Big Bang theory of creation. “Creation” is a symbolic visual metaphor for the Big Bang theory of creation. And the E/c2=m equation is used to create a purely mathematical art work titled “Mathematical Metaphor For Creation.” I invite everybody to check my calculations and physics for errors (I couldn't find any). These art works do not attempt to visually state or restate the Big Bang theory or explain how God created the universe. They are art works inspired by the scientific Big Bang theory and the metaphysical theory of God's intelligent design.
Interestingly, the scientific E/c2=m concept conforms to the biblical “Let there be light” concept because energy is light.take the idea of intelligent design to its logical conclusion with my oil painting “The God Equation.” I use Erwin Schrodinger's 1926 quantum mechanics equation to prove the existence of God. As far as I know, Mr. Schrodinger never saw this metaphysical connection to quantum physics. In my opinion, “The God Equation” painting (the explanatory essay and the scientific concept that it is based on) transcends art and enters the realm of sublime philosophy and metaphysics. I find the idea of quantum physics interacting with metaphysics to prove the existence of God astounding. I'm humbled by this painting and the essay. I can't believe that I actually did it. I consider “The God Equation” a masterpiece of contemporary art. However, when I entered this painting and the explanatory essay in a juried art show, not only did it not win a prize, it was rejected and not even allowed in the show.My surrealistic synesthetic derivatives transform flat surfaces into striking three dimensional images. The surrealistic “Outer Space” series symbolically and patriotically tells the story of America's moon landing. “REM Reality” is a playfully cerebral send up of UFO mythology. I apologize for the poor quality of the photograph. When properly photographed, the painting appears photorealistic. Looking at better photo (not in the portfolio), at first glance, people thought I had photographed a “real” UFO. Of course, I told them it was a painting.My “Self-charging Electric Vehicle” (SEV) proves that, like Leonardo, I'm an inventor. I think Jackson Pollock would appreciate the chaotic lines in “Slam Four Plus,” “The American Car” and “Temptation.” I consider “Temptation” a masterpiece of the genre. “Creation” was so remarkable in concept and difficult in execution as to be almost miraculous. The formulae for “Thunder” “Blue thunder,” “Pop (Blue)” and “Mathematical Metaphor For Creation” were mind numbingly complex. These art works and several others can only be appreciated after close examination and thoughtful consideration. I hope I can recover some of the thousands of dollars I wasted on politics over the last twelve years with the sale of my art.

I'm a Pittsburgh based artist (and a former steelworker) so I put my scientific art on a CD and sent it to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. I was curious as to what they might think of it. They never even acknowledged the fact that I contacted them. I suppose that's the way it is when you're a nobody.On the subject of being a nobody, this is a good place to finish my Post Election Update. Well, I accomplished at least one thing with my presidential campaign. I proved that the American “news” media (except for one individual) suppressed public knowledge of my presidential campaign and the vitally important national issue of U. S. Treasury issued debt-free money. This flies in the face of my presidential campaign that was primarily an educational exercise. It is a spectacular irony that my Constitutional right to free speech was abridged by our so-called “free press. 

My political objectives seemed, to me, irresistibly altruistic, patriotic and sensible: reduce the national debt, reduce taxes, increase social security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, make those vitally important government programs permanently solvent, do the same for the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC), provide unlimited funding for our wounded and disabled veterans and the Veterans Administration. Provide full employment with good wages and benefits and FULL COVERAGE universal healthcare (with no stupid “choices”) for all American workers. All this would be accomplished without raising taxes or government borrowing and with no inflation using U. S. Constitution-based, U. S. Treasury issued, legal tender, debt-free United States Notes. The platforms of the other presidential candidates were preposterous, pie in the sky nonsense by comparison.

I even have a debt-free money way to get money out of politics. Political contributions could be made illegal! All qualified candidates would have equal access to a government run information exchange. The 2016 presidential election alone cost over $6 billion. (I received not one penny for my campaign.) Add up Congressional, state and local elections and the cost of all the elections since the cost of elections began skyrocketing. Would the number be a trillion dollars? Since a large amount of the money comes from businesses, billions of dollars could have gone for better wages, benefits and full coverage healthcare (with no stupid “choices”). The contributions from individuals and organizations given to politicians could have significantly raised the standard of living of those contributors. But, are the American people ready for uncorrupted elections or are we stuck in the political dark ages?

I expected tremendous support from the voters. Instead, my campaign was a miserable waste of time, effort and money. Over and over, I explained on my web site that my debt-free money proposals had been done before by Presidents Abraham Lincoln in 1862 and John F. Kennedy in 1963. I revealed that their debt-free money was pulled from circulation by Congress after these great presidents were assassinated. This link to the U. S. Treasury Department web site: U.S. Treasure - FAQ: Legal Tender Status of Currency proves that uncirculated debt-free money currently exists and it can be increased to any amount by Congress! I explained why the “hyperinflation” objection is a myth and a scam. But I got nowhere with the voters. What happened? What happened was that the election was rigged but not the way Donald Trump says it was. Trump had massive media coverage. I had virtually no media coverage. I was stonewalled and ignored by all the politicians. None of them would dare to engage me in a public debate. They knew it would be political suicide. And, despite numerous letters and E-mails, the stooges in academia pretended that I didn't exist. Why? Because I challenged their lucrative, self-serving and bogus Establishment economic and monetary dogmas.

My June 11, 2016 letters challenging all of the remaining presidential candidates to address the issues and questions that I raise on my web site were ignored by all of them. The cowards never gave me a chance to engage them in a public debate. They (or somebody in their front office) didn't dare give me a public forum. Were they afraid that I would expose them all as fraudulent hacks? The letter (addressed to Donald Trump) can be seen in my June 11, 2016 campaign Update on this web site. My contact information remains: Committee to Elect Ray Uhric, PO Box 815, Coraopolis, PA 15108. I dare ANY politician, particularly President Donald Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Cong. Paul Ryan, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Cong. Nancy Pelosi to engage me in a public debate about ANY issue facing America, AFTER the issue of debt-free money is resolved to my satisfaction. Incidentally, I sent letters to President-elect Trump on November-13, 16, 17, 22, and 23-2016. [On January 16, 2016 I received a form letter from President Trump. This is all I ever received from the numerous letters I sent to President Barack Obama. Hopefully, I will receive something more substantive from President Trump in the future.]

My debt-free economic and monetary reform proposals and my other articles have been totally stonewalled by the mainstream media. Obviously, the MSM is the ministry of propaganda for entrenched financial and political interests, to the detriment of the American people. And here is my proof: I've been trying for years to get something published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, my local newspaper. I would think a Pittsburgh man running for President of the United States would be a big local news story and worthy of coverage. But not in my case. On July 21, 2016 I E-mailed an Op-Ed titled: “The Truth About The Social Security 'Trust Fund'” to the P-G Opinion editors. I clearly pointed out that I was a presidential candidate. The E-mail was ignored. No rejection notice and thus, no paper trail. The P-G used this stonewall tactic on me several times before over the years. I resent the E-mail, again but it was ignored. I E-mailed another P-G editor. He forwarded the E-mail to the Opinion editors. Again it was ignored. He forwarded it again. Again it was ignored! On August 5, 2016 I E-mailed prominent P-G editor and former U. S. Ambassador Dan Simpson. I gave him a copy of the Op-Ed and told him about my problems with the news about my presidential campaign being suppressed. He ignored my E-mail. On August 5, 2016 I E-mailed the P-G local news editor. I gave her a brief bio and told her about my presidential campaign and my platform. And I included the social security Op-Ed. My E-mail was ignored. On August 7, 2016 I resent the E-mail to Mr. Simpson asking if he would at least acknowledge receipt of my E-mail. Again, my E-mail was ignored. On September 29, 2016 I E-mailed a brief “letter to the editor” to the Post-Gazette. My E-mail was ignored even though I explained that I was a presidential candidate. This is beyond odd. This is astounding and outrageous! You might suggest that I write to their boss P-G executive editor David Shribman and complain about the unconscionable stonewalling of his editors. I've lost track of how many times I've written to him and how many times he ignored me. But wait, it gets worse.

On October-18 and 19-2016 I mailed letters to all of the hosts, news people and the man in charge of “editorials” at KDKA radio and television, a total of thirty-nine letters. I know this was very late in the presidential election cycle, but remember, my campaign was primarily about educating the American people about important national issues. I explained that news and information about my campaign had been suppressed and I listed all the news organizations and people who refused to cover the vitally important national issue of debt-free money. I asked for an opportunity to have a real time on-air confrontation with the politicians who were suppressing the debt-free money issue. Except for conservative radio host Mike Pintek,all the letters were ignored. Mr. Pintek did grant me an interview but it was a total hatchet job. (The interview is probably archived somewhere.) I mailed him a rebuttal letter on October 29, 2016 and requested another on-air interview with him or anybody in the KDKA organization. The letter was ignored.

On January-15,16-2015 I mailed my Detroit Disaster Conspiracy Theory article to The Atlantic Monthly and Time Magazine. It was ignored. Not even a rejection notice and thus, no paper trail. On February 25, 2015 I mailed a shortened version of the Detroit Disaster article to Road&Track car magazine. No rejection notice, no paper trail. I mailed the article to other car magazines with the same result.

Please click on the link to Op-Ed and Letters There you can read my social security Op-Ed, my correspondence to the P-G Opinion editors and my “letter to the editor” that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette suppressed. You can also read my initial KDKA TV and radio letters and my Mike Pintek rebuttal letter. Mr. Pintek can't complain that I'm “blindsiding” him by publishing the rebuttal letter. 

On January 5, 2017 I E-mailed Mr. Pintek and told him that I was putting the rebuttal letter on this web site. And I included a copy of the letter. So far, he and the entire KDKA organization have ignored the E-mail. There is also a draft of a letter that I will send to the Federal Election Commission complaining that information about my presidential campaign and my platform was suppressed by the mainstream media. I have not yet determined if this is a violation of FEC regulations, but it is certainly unethical and a possible violation of my First Amendment rights. It is vitally important that the American people read my social security Op-Ed that the Post-Gazette suppressed. Why? I just read a garbage article on a “highly respected” business web site that referred to the social security trust fund's “$2.8 trillion cash balance.” This is a LIE that is repeated over and over in the MSM. There is no “cash” in the so-called “trust fund.” The cash has been stolen and spent by the politicians. The trust fund contains tax dollars and debt. This is the ugly, scandalous TRUTH that the Post-Gazette, KDKA, the mainstream media, “academia” and even Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democrats have suppressed for decades! And, even more despicable, they all suppressed the TRUTH that my debt-free monetary reforms are the only way to fix underfunded social security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, the PBGC and America's many other economic and fiscal problems, including the unsustainable national debt.

Today,January 27, 2017 the MSM are giving wall to wall coverage of the Republican's threats to “repeal and replace Obamacare.” I won't repeat my debt-free money proposal for full coverage universal heathcare for all American workers (with no stupid “choices”). I won't repeat my (concurrent with universal healthcare) debt-free money proposal for full employment with good wages and benefits. Those proposals and much more can be found in my 11-3-2013 Update on this web site.  If you scroll back to my 2-11-2012 Update, you can read my comprehensive proposal for a debt-free money Jobs Bill. And I've proposed sensible public private partnerships at various places on this web site. Everything I propose conforms the the Constitutional directive to promote the general welfare” of the American people. I was always ignored and stonewalled by the politicians. Comparing my debt-free economic and monetary reform proposals with the immoral and stupid “market based” proposals offered by our bought and paid for politicians will prove that we have no good politicians. They're all bad. Some are just worse than others.

What did the Republicans propose to address the healthcare crisis before they shot down “Hillarycare” in 1993? Nothing! I totally discredited the Republican's Obamacare “replacement” elsewhere on this web site but I want to supplement my earlier comments. The Republicans can't seem to grasp the fact that healthcare insurance isn't healthcare. The ugly truth is that just because you have insurance, that doesn't mean you can afford to go the the doctor or the hospital. I want the Republicans to explain how “buying insurance across state lines” and “health savings accounts” (HSAs) will benefit the American people who now can't afford healthcare. National Public Radio recently did an expose about how transferring federal money to a state for administration of a federal program became a scandalous misappropriation of funds. (I don't remember the name of the program. You can look it up. I'm sure it's archived.) I want those Republicans who want to shove HSAs down our throats to tell us if THEY have HSAs. And if they do, do they do all the paperwork? And, how much will HSAs increase the budget deficit and national debt? I had a HSA and I hated it!

Many Americans accept the economic status quo as the best of all alternatives. We are conditioned to accept what I consider an intellectual, economic, fiscal and moral dark age. I can PROVE this explosive statement. This is why no politician, pundit or “academic” will dare to publicly debate me. For twelve years I've been trying to inject some objectivity and intellectual rigor into the state and national policy debates. But I've been stonewalled by the politicians, the media and academia. On December 10, 2010 I began writing, E-mailing and calling conservative Republican Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey. I explained the issue of U. S. Treasury issued, debt-free legal tender United States Notes to him in comprehensive detail and asked for a timely response. I'm still waiting. I'm not saying that Senator Toomey is primarily a lobbyist for the polluters and the financial services “industry,” but his stonewalling me on the debt-free money issue and his behavior since he was elected makes me wonder. My original December 10, 2010 letter and my February 11, 2011 follow up E-mail to him can be read in my 2-25-2011 Update. My June 21, 2011 and my February 23, 2013 follow-up letters to Senator Toomey can be read if you click on the Op-Ed and Letters link. It is disgusting how these totally insulated politicians have ignored me for twelve years and stuck it to the American people in the process. SENATOR TOOMEY, TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM THE SO-CALLED SOCIAL SECURITY “TRUST FUND.” ON BEHALF OF THE MILLIONS OF PAST, CURRENT AND FUTURE VICTIMS OF THE THEFT OF SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY, I DEMAND THAT YOU GIVE ME A POINT BY POINT RESPONSE TO MY SOCIAL SECURITY OP-ED THAT THE PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE SUPPRESSED. And I would like to remind you that I am a former candidate for President of the United States.

My debt-free money proposals will not overthrow the capitalist system. And I have no desire to abolish the Federal Reserve. I only want to supplement the existing money supply as was done by Presidents Abraham Lincoln in 1862 and John F. Kennedy in 1963. President Lincoln increased the national money supply by twenty-five percent with NO INFLATION. My proposals are perfectly legal. United States Notes were our only national currency for 109 years from 1862 until 1913. United States Notes circulated side by side with Federal Reserve Notes for 58 years until Congress pulled them out of circulation in 1971. All I ask is for a fair public hearing of the debt-free money issue. This has been denied to me by the politicians and the media for twelve years.


A selective, objective look at the historical record will prove that what I say about a dark age is true. I'll use Woodrow Wilson's disastrous, neoconservative decision to enter World War One as a reference point to illustrate the catastrophic stupidity and immorality of American policy makers. Wilson should have tried to prevent the war and stop it after it started. His idiotic and outrageous policy decisions regarding the insane imperialist war in Europe pleased the bankers and the business community, but those decisions destroyed the twentieth century. Despite the best efforts of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy, American and world history has been a series of disasters and near disasters ever since April 6, 1917. Who is to blame for this continuous, insane period of death and destruction? I dislike using the nebulous term “the Establishment.” But it is accurate according to my dictionary: “the people and institutions constituting the existing power structure in society.” This includes politicians, the mainstream media, business leaders, the finance “industry,” academia, organized labor (although I do support organized labor) and organized religion. I assert that the American Establishment is rotten to the core. OK Establishment, I dare you to prove me wrong. And don't attack my true patriotism with your corruption-driven FALSE PATRIOTISM. My contact information remains: Committee to Elect Ray Uhric, Po Box 815, Coraopolis, PA 15108

I'll cite another more recent glaring example to prove my point. Was George W. Bush's Iraq War America's “Operation Barbarossa”? Will that decision ultimately destroy America the way Hitler's Operation Barbarossa destroyed Germany? The horrendous “blowback” from Bush's corruption-driven decision is ongoing with no end in sight. Who would deny that the catastrophic and unspeakably tragic Iraq war, like the Vietnam War and the Gulf War, were “justified” with lies? But these facts and questions are ignored by the Establishment, shoved into the historical rear view mirror and quickly forgotten. I would like to remind all those senior citizens who ignored me for the past twelve years that the cost those wars, and the fiscal blowback from them is destroying our so-called “social safety net” – social security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation and the Veterans Administration. I explained numerous times on this web site that the theft of our social security money began in 1969 when “excess” FICA contributions were skimmed off to pay for the unnecessary Vietnam War. And the theft continues to this day!

I don't blame the military (industrial complex) for the wars. I blame the civilian politicians who control the military. I was a flight deck plane captain aboard the aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA 42) during the height of the Cold War. When nuclear armed, my aircraft could have easily obliterated a large city. But that wasn't my decision or the decision of the highest ranking officer in the chain of command. It was the decision of the president and Congress. Ironically, it was the military officers of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who prevented an unjustified and potentially disastrous neoconservative war with Syria and Russia in 2013.

What in the world is going on with the the American “news” media and the American political system?! Please pay attention senior citizens, veterans and American workers. The Establishment is playing us for fools! So, what can we do about it? We don't need a revolution or violent protests. I have a much better idea. This is what I want and beg the American people, my fellow veterans and fellow senior citizens to do. Call, write, E-mail, fax or better yet, personally go to the offices of your elected representatives and DEMAND that they publicly address ALL of the issues and questions that I've raised on this web site. We must demand accountability from President Donald Trump, Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, Representaives Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi and every other elected and previously elected state and federal politician. Tell them to send their responses to Committee to Elect Ray Uhric, PO Box 815 Coraopolis, PA 15108. I will put their responses and my responses to them on this web site. Our elected and non-elected Establishment CONTINUES to lead the country that I love to what I believe will be more disasters.

The Establishment seems to be determined to provoke a shooting war with Russia. But the the treacherous double-cross of Mikhail Gorbachev with NATO expansion and weapons deployment on Russia's border is almost never mentioned. The Establishment darling Boris Yeltsin slavishly assisted the free market oligarch “reformers” as they looted Russia and destroyed the Russian economy. Vladimir Putin is wildly popular in Russia because he rescued his country from the “free market” chaos and economic collapse caused by Yeltsin. Putin is the boogeyman of the Establishment because he resisted the encroachment of western economic interests that are trying to cut the Crimea and the Ukraine off from Russia and hand them to foreign corporations. And, of course, NATO is the military enforcer of the Establishment's economic encroachment. How would we react if Russia tried to take back Alaska or take economic control of Pennsylvania? Economic imperialism has a blood soaked six thousand year history, but the Establishment seems determined to repeat it.

Will we be deceived into another unnecessary war? Does anybody care that the second Gulf of Tonkin attack never happened. That mythical attack “justified” the Vietnam War. It wasn't widely known until fifteen years after the fact that American nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy provoked the Cuban Missile Crisis. Why didn't we know that Henry Kissinger and President Nixon sabotaged Lyndon Johnson's plan to end the Vietnam War in 1968? As I said, the First World War was America's first neoconservative war. Today, neoconservativism threatens to destroy America because there is no effective counter to their insanity. The current political dynamic is a replay of the institutional stupidity and cowardice that led to the Iraq War. After all that has happened since March 20, 2003 and all that we NOW know, why were Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio reluctant to say the Iraq War was a mistake? Do the neo cons think the war wasn't a mistake?! How many people know that in 2001, just weeks after the 9/11 attack, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the neo con cabal were planning a military attack that would overthrow the governments of seven Middle Eastern countries starting with Iraq? Of course, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Was the massive 2001 plan for Hitleresque aggression a response to the 9/11 attack or the implementation of the Iraq Liberation act of 1998?! Everywhere I look, I see scandal. Where is the “loyal opposition” that is bound by duty, honor and conscience to stand against evil?

In my opinion, the problem lies with the weak and ineffective liberal/progressive/Democrat/ left. And I'm in a very good position to know. In 2006, when the Republicans were devastated in the mid term elections and the Democrats gained majorities in the House and Senate, the Democrats squandered a historic opportunity hold the Republican neoconservatives and the Republican deregulators accountable for the dual disasters that they inflicted on the world. Instead, the Democrats covered for them and gave them a pass. And this feckless cowardice continues to this day. Why? Why did Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers “take impeachment off the table”? Lying to Congress is a felony, obviously an impeachable offense. Pelosi could have been the First Woman President In American History. Was there no impeachment because virtually all of the top Democrats were implicated in the disasters? President Obama's main failings were that he didn't stand up to Wall Street and the neo cons and he didn't defend himself when they attacked him. Compared to Bush and Cheney, Obama was a great president. But he silently and meekly let the conservatives and Republicans trash him and his presidency even though he foolishly tried to accommodate them. As a result, G. W. Bush's popularity at one point were higher than Obama's! When Obama made his “apology tour” when he was first elected, he was ferociously attacked by Republicans, conservatives and the neo cons. After the double barrel global disasters of the Bush/Cheney administration, he had a very good reason to apologize to the world. If I had been president and they attacked me for apologizing for the Bush/Cheney catastrophe I would have launched a counterattack that would have made Admirals Chester Nimitz and Bull Halsey proud if they were alive. The neo cons, conservatives and the Republicans would have been looking for holes to crawl into to hide from the pitchforks and torches!

There is so much more that I want to say. I hope I don't put the audience to sleep but there are more important national issues that must be addressed. The issue of America's “failing schools” is just another conservative Republican privatization scam. It's similar to the privatization scam that destroyed the Space Shuttle Program and Pittsburgh based Rockwell International Corporation while the shuttles still had half their service life left! Now, the shuttles that were perfectly serviceable when they were parked, are collecting dust in museums while we taxpayers pay, our “enemies,” the Russians millions of dollars to transport our astronauts. This multi billion dollar privatization boondoggle happened so that Wall Street could issue some needless IPOs and make money for nothing. Ironically, “liberal” Democrat Obama was pushing this stupidity to please his friends on Wall Street. How stupid? We could have had unlimited debt-free money to fund the Space Shuttle Program, no tax dollars or government borrowing required! How much existing technology was transferred free to the “startups” so they could blunder their way to what we already had? And we're still waiting for them to deliver. Sorry for the digression. Back to the failing schools scam.

When I was in elementary school and high school there were students who got straight As and students who couldn't get a D no matter how hard they tried. Eventually, many of those students with learning problems quit school and went on to tragically failed lives. Those problem students went to the same school and had the same teacher as the students who got straight As. We don't have failing schools. We have a failing economic system and a failing culture that produces failing students and a failed society. The so-called “failing schools” have problems because they and their neighborhoods are starved for money and a proper infrastructure. The “failing students” grow up in a destructive subculture that they didn't create. Now, the profit motive driven “privatizers” use the lack of money (caused by the failed economic system) as an excuse to abandon public schools and the students who are forced to remain in them. This is typical exploitive capitalism and it turns my stomach! The failure of free market capitalism is the reason for the gang violence and the high inner city murder rate. If I had been elected president, I would have provided UNLIMITED debt-free money for our so-called failing schools and good jobs for the neighborhoods where they are located. I would have fixed the schools AND the neighborhoods. This would have been done with no tax increase and no taxpayer rip off bond issuance. We are living in the fiscal and economic dark ages. It's a crime that the politicians and the mainstream media never gave me a legitimate opportunity to explain my debt-free money solution to the “failing schools” problem to the American people.

Typically, the public debate about illegal immigration is another sham. Fix the economic misery in the countries below our southern border and illegal immigration will eventually disappear. But there is a symbiotic relationship between American businesses and global poverty. This is the dirty little secret that is ignored by our politicians and our “free press.” Is there a solution to global poverty? Yes. President Lincoln laid the foundation for that solution in 1862. But an assassin's bullet and the U. S. Congress prevented anything from being built on that foundation. You can read about my proposal to build on President Lincoln's foundation it in my 11-3-2013 Update on this web site. The essay is titled: “Global Debt-Free Monetary Reform.” But how would the Establishment react if, as president, I tried to lead other nations in a massive debt-free money effort to eradicate global poverty?

Conservatives and Republicans constantly whine and cry about all those horrible government regulations and they say many of them must be repealed. The Republicans (with Bill Clinton's help) deregulated the financial “industry” and destroyed the global economy. Would better, stricter regulations have prevented the BP (British Petroleum) Deepwater Horizon Disaster? Would stricter levee regulations have prevented the Hurricane Katrina Disaster? Would better, stricter oil tanker regulations prevented the Exxon-Valdez disaster? When Republicans say they must cut regulations, they almost never say what regulations they want to cut. I want them to tell the American people exactly WHAT regulations they want to cut and WHY. And I want the Republicans to be held personally responsible for any damage caused by their deregulation. If this policy had been the law (a regulation), the disasters, and resulting loss of life, listed above might have never happened.

I debunk some of the conservative myths regarding our tax policies in my essays “Lowering Taxes/ Reducing Government Spending” and “Taxation” on this web site home page. Nobody has ever challenged anything in those essays. I also addressed the taxation issue in my 6-11-2016 campaign Update. However, I want to supplement these writings with some additional information and a proposal. I repeat, I'm soooooooo sick of hearing about America's “highest corporate tax rate (35 %) in the world.” I want Grover Norquist to tell the American people how many businesses pay the 35 % rate compared to how many businesses DON'T pay that rate. And I want him to tell me how many businesses pay very little tax or no tax at all. I want Norquist to tell the American people about tax shelters for the rich. Am I putting myself at risk when I dare to ask why municipal bonds are tax free? I want to remind Norquist that it was “tax cutter” Ronald Reagan who PUT THE TAX on our totally inadequate social security benefits. I want to remind Norquist that Reagan raised taxes after his tax cuts exploded the deficit and the national debt. Here is my challenge to Grover Norquist: tell President Trump to repeal Ronald Reagan's tax on social security benefits. He can make up the revenue reduction and INCREASE benefits with legal tender, debt-free United States Notes. After all the Republican talk about high taxes and efforts to cut taxes on the wealthy, I have NEVER heard a Republican say a word about repealing the immoral Republican tax on social security benefits. In fact, I've never heard a Democrat suggest repealing this tax, not even Mr. “expand social security” Bernie Sanders. (I've written to Sanders several times about my debt-free money proposals for fixing social security. He ignored me every time.) As I said, we have NO good politicians.

Grover Norquist is on TV constantly telling us that repealing Obamacare is a huge tax cut. True. But he never mentions that it is a huge tax cut for the upper income people (of course, Republicans dispute this). I won't use the word rich to avoid a stupid semantic argument. I despise the term “death tax.” However, it DOES apply to the rich. You can inherit up to $5.4 millions dollars TAX FREE. No work required. Your rich parents can give you $28,000 PER YEAR, TAX FREE. No work required. Considering these facts, the complaint that the “death tax” destroys family farms and small businesses would be laughable if it wasn't a sick joke. I would like to point out to the crybaby Republicans and whining conservatives that some people inherit NOTHING when their parents die. All they get is sadness. And they don't complain. What do you think about THAT Grover Norquist?

I hear liberal and conservative pundits and politicians complaining about the phrase “America First.” Charles Lindbergh isn't the only person to use the phrase. I've used it on this web site several times. And I believe in America First. If Woodrow Wilson would have believed in America First he wouldn't have destroyed the twentieth century. If the neoconservatives would have put America First the Middle East wouldn't be a catastrophe and we wouldn't be on the verge of an unnecessary war with Russia. I hear pundits and politicians worry about the “threat of populism.” I'm a populist and I challenge ANYBODY to tell me what is wrong with my populist proposals.

For twelve years I've been trying to get the support of the Democratic Party and organized labor. But rather than support my debt-free monetary and economic reforms, the feckless, clueless Democrats and lefties hope for another disastrous Republican administration like Bush/Cheney. That and “identity politics” are their standard plan for winning elections. Hey, it worked for Obama! When will my fellow Democrats realize that we don't have to win elections to make change happen. We just need good ideas, a plan and a public dialogue. Give me access to the mainstream media and I'll take on anybody, any time. The good ideas and the plan are on this web site. But, thanks to the MSM, I never got the chance to talk to the American people and I'm still stuck in the political wilderness. What would have happened if I had been given a 60 Minutes interview? What if my articles would have been published in Time magazine? What if my social security Op-Ed had been published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette? I'm not saying I would have been elected president but I would have forced the other candidates to answer some very tough questions. Instead, we got another stupid, vapid, worthless soap opera election cycle. Do I envy President Trump? No. For me, at my age, the pomp and glitter of the presidency would be tedious and boring. My presidency would have been like four years of boot camp. I would have battled the neo cons and the Establishment and attacked America's problems with logical and uncorrupted solutions. The battle would have taken every ounce of my strength. After four years, I'm sure I would have been totally burned out and ready for a wheelchair. I think it would have been a terrible experience because there is nobody in Washington or in the Washington “think” tanks who I would have trusted to advise me. Am I being too hard on the Establishment? No. And I believe the historical record confirms my judgment.

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