Lowering Taxes / Reducing Government Spending

[Revised for the 2016 Presidential Election]

Lowering Taxes / Reducing Government Spending

I wrote the article Lowering Taxes / Reducing Government Spending for my 2010 campaign for the Pennsylvania General Assembly (state legislature). The numbers in the article are no longer correct.  Today, May 3, 2015, the hole in the Pennsylvania state budget is $2.3 billion rather than $1.2 billion.  It is interesting to note that when I wrote that article in 2010, the national debt was $12.5 trillion.  Today it is more than $18 trillion.  Do we elect public officials or loan originators?  Remember, it was the loan originators and compliant politicians who caused the 2007/2008 subprime mortgage disaster/global credit crisis and the Great Recession that followed.

In various articles on this web site, I explained that U.S. Treasury issued debt-free legal tender United States Notes (U.S. Notes), are the solution to America’s fiscal and economic problems and the key to America’s future prosperity.  Of course, supplementing federal, state and local taxes with U.S. Notes can lower taxes across the board.  This link to the U.S. Treasury Department web site will confirm that what I say about U.S. Notes is true and based on existing law: U.S. Treasury - FAQ: Legal Tender Status of currency.  But I said very little about the connection between the national debt and the global bond market.  I’m amazed that the American people don’t seem to know or care that those “safe fixed income investment returns” from United States Treasury issued bills, bonds and notes are actually tax dollars.  If we pay down or pay off the national debt with U.S. Notes, what happens to the so-called “fixed income market”?  The politicians have been stonewalling me on the issue of debt-free money for more than ten years.  Are they protecting the Bond Vigilantes and loading an unnecessary $18 trillion debt burden on the backs of American taxpayers?

I would love to have a comprehensive discussion with the Republican presidential candidates about how the predatory American/global financial system actually increases our taxes.  The American people should know the truth before we are blindsided by the next “inevitable financial crisis” and taxpayer bailout.  The 2007/2008 financial disaster and globalization have inflicted permanent damage to the American economy.  This low wage, high unemployment, high underemployment New Normal economy has caused reduced tax revenue for local, state and federal governments.  The New Normal economy has created a permanent $77 billion annual deficit in the non-existent social security “trust fund.”  Permanent until it rises sharply in the future.  The Republican politicians tell us we must slash social security, Medicare, Medicaid and endure austerity, like Greece to revive the economy.  I reject this diabolical private sector driven “solution” to the problems that were caused by the private sector.  When debt-free money is considered in the budget discussions, the government destroying austerity argument becomes preposterous.

The notion that cutting the government will improve the economy is a self-serving private sector myth.  The government hating conservatives/Republicans want to slash government so they can reduce or abolish regulatory oversight and privatize government operations. The 2007/2008 financial disaster, the British Petroleum (BP) Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster and the folly of killing our Space Shuttle program while the orbiters had half of their service life left were all the result of this destructive anti government ideology.  Incidentally, killing the Space Shuttle program simultaneously killed Pittsburgh based Rockwell International Corporation. These are important issues that will never be properly discussed in our vapid presidential campaigns.  As a presidential candidate, I will try to prevent this election cycle from becoming the usual mindless charade.  In the meantime, I want to tell the American voters about my latest battle with “the system.”  And at the same time, this article will be a direct challenge to all of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates to address the issue of how U.S. Treasury issued debt-free United States Notes can lower taxes across the board.

On October 6, 2014 I wrote a letter to the Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf.  This letter is below my original July 12, 2010 web site campaign article.  After waiting six months for a reply, I wrote a letter to my state senator Matt Smith to complain about Governor Wolf’s stonewalling.  I included a paper titled U.S. Treasury issued debt-free money that I wrote defending debt-free money against the false notion that U.S. Treasury issued United States Notes would be inflationary and any other objections.  This paper is located directly below my letter to Governor Wolf. 

Senator Smith ignored my comprehensive debt-free money thesis and sent me a worthless form letter that said “I subscribe to the generally accepted view that increasing the money supply increases inflation.”  I’m sure the Bond Vigilantes who loaded the $18 trillion debt on the backs of American taxpayers will approve of this mindless evasion.  He also said “federal monetary policy is outside my jurisdiction.”  I vehemently reject this statement.  Federal monetary policy, i.e., the $18 trillion national debt is a threat to social security, Medicare, Medicaid, pensions (PBCC) and the veteran’s benefits if millions of Pennsylvanians.  That makes it a state issue.  His claimed “limited efficacy” is laughable.  He can send E-mails, make phone calls and write letters just like I do.  He can bring the debt-free money issue to the attention of U.S. Congress and the mainstream media.  Unlike me, Congress and the media can’t ignore a state senator.

As for Governor Wolf, I have to assume that I will never hear from him.  I assume that he will ignore my proposal to accept $2.3 billion of U.S. Treasury issued debt-free U.S. Notes.  Instead, he will slap $2.3 billion of unnecessary debt on the backs of Pennsylvania taxpayers.  I assume he is indifferent to the fact that our wounded and disabled veterans have become charity cases!  I assume that he has rejected my plea for his support of my proposal for unlimited debt-free funding for the Veterans Administration and our wounded and disabled veterans.  As a Pennsylvania veteran myself, I take his silence as a slap in the face!

Obviously, reducing debt service will reduce government spending and taxes at all levels. On the other hand, if as President of the United States, I increase spending with tax-free, debt-free United States Notes to “promote the general welfare of the American people, who would object?  The italicized words are a mandate of the U.S. Constitution.  If, as President of the United States, I increase spending for the Veterans Administration and to provide for the needs our wounded and disabled veterans with tax-free, debt-free United States Notes, why would anybody in their right mind object?  If, as President of the United States, I increase spending with tax-free, debt-free money to rebuild and maintain our national infrastructure, who would object?  If, as President of the United States, I increase spending with tax-free, debt-free United States Notes to stimulate the economy, who would complain?  But, if you are an “investor” in the $18 trillion national debt, you might think debt-free government funding and spending is a terrible idea.  It is important to note that in the 2010 article I wrote: “Pennsylvania is hoping for an $850 million financial aid package from the federal government.”  This $850 million would have been either federal tax dollars, money borrowed from the credit markets or both.  Of course, the borrowed money is a liability on the backs of taxpayers.  If I would have been elected in 2010, I would have fought to make that $850 million aid package tax-free, debt free U.S. Notes.  This was my platform, but somehow, I lost the election!    

Lowering Taxes / Reducing Government Spending (July 12, 2010)

According to newspaper reports, Pennsylvania is hoping for an $850 million financial aid package from the federal government in order to plug a $1.2 billion hole in the budget.  States and municipalities all over the country, and the federal government, are coming under siege by the “Bond Vigilantes.”  The Bond Vigilantes want the politicians to make the “tough choices” and impose Greek style austerity on the American people.  Is this necessary?

I say no.  The problem is simple enough to define: there isn’t enough money in circulation.  The politicians spend more time arguing about money than any other issue.  Our economic system is supposed to provide enough money for our society to function and to promote the general welfare of the people (a Constitutional mandate).  That isn’t happening.  The 2007/2008 subprime mortgage crisis/global credit crisis brought on the Great Recession.  This is the primary reason for the budget problems all across the country.  Rather than detail how terribly dysfunctional our economic system is, I will explain how we can put more money into circulation and reduce taxes.  

Article one, section eight, paragraph five of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress (not the Federal Reserve) the authority to “coin (i.e., create) money and regulate the value thereof.”  In 1862, Congress, in compliance with their Constitutional mandate, authorized the Treasury to issue $449,338,902 worth of United States Notes (Greenbacks.)  No debt was incurred by the government and there was no inflation despite the fact that it was a 25% increase in the national money supply. 

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy, issued executive order 11110 authorizing the Treasury to issue $4 billion worth of, debt free, United States Notes (silver certificate Greenbacks.)  Again, no inflation occurred.  $300 million of debt free U.S. Notes are currently an uncirculated part of our national money supply.  [see: U.S. Treasury - FAQ: LegalTender Status of currency]  This currency is interchangeable with Federal Reserve Notes and they have the same value.  This money could be issued by the Treasury tomorrow as a debt free economic stimulus.  In fact, Congress has the authority to increase the amount of U.S. Notes to whatever amount is necessary to stimulate our stagnant economy.  There is no need to borrow money from China or anybody else.  This Constitution based economic stimulus is what I call Lincoln/Kennedy Monetary Reform.

This legal tender debt free money can stimulate private sector businesses with low interest loans.  This money can also fund government operations and automatically lower taxes.  This method of funding is infinitely better than selling government debt to China and sticking the taxpayers with the bill.      

And, at the same time, Congress can use the same authority to plug the $1.2 billion hole in the Pennsylvania budget.  Increased funding from the federal government would be a sure fire way to lower property taxes.  Virtually every voter I talked to said they wanted lower taxes.  Now we know how this can be done.  This is not a revolutionary idea.  We will simply replace debt based government funding with debt free government funding.  The only “tough choices” the politicians have to make are to follow the Constitution and the example of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. 

But what about waste, fraud and abuse in state government?  Actually, waste, fraud and abuse are separate issues from taxes and spending.  Whether there is a budget surplus or a deficit, waste, fraud and abuse shouldn’t exist.  We don’t have to wait until we have a $1.2 billion budget shortfall to go after waste, fraud and abuse. 

To save time and space, I will not write a lengthy dissertation here defending Lincoln/Kennedy Monetary Reform.  However, I will defend this proposal on this web site.  I welcome any counter argument from any reputable pundit, economist or politician.  The feasibility and legality of Lincoln/Kennedy Monetary Reform is self evident.  If we want to reduce taxes without inflicting unnecessary pain and lowering our standard of living, Lincoln/Kennedy Monetary Reform is the only way to do it. 

Ray Uhric                                                                                                                               July 12, 2010

[Correspondence to Pennsylvania Governor TomWolf]

Dear Wolf Transition Committee: This is a copy of the letter that I mailed to candidate Wolf on October 6, 2014.  The letter received no response.  I called his Pittsburgh campaign office.  I was told to send the letter in an E-mail which I did several times.  Again, there was no response.  Please respond to this letter and address the issues that I raise in it.  Thank you.

[12/3/2014: I remailed the letter on 11/24/2014.  I am still waiting for a response.  5/3/2015: I am still waiting for a response. Ray Uhric]

               PO box 815
                   Coraopolis, PA 15108
       October 6, 2014
Mr. Tom Wolf
53 East North Street, Suite 3
York, PA 17401

Dear Mr. Wolf:

I have been active in Democratic Party politics for many years. I ran twice for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and I am a former member of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee.  I consider myself a serious student of politics and public policy.  In fact, I have a web site/blog, www.rayuhric.com that documents my political activities and my proposals for United States Constitution-based, economic and monetary reform. For more than ten years, I have endeavored to make Pennsylvania and America a better place for working families and senior citizens.  Unfortunately, despite my two political campaigns, my web site/blog and radio and television interviews, my debt-free monetary reform proposals have been ignored by my elected representatives and the media.

Permit me to briefly outline what you will see on my web site/blog.  The economic and monetary reforms that I propose are a modern day manifestation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.  Like the New Deal, the primary objective is to produce full employment with good wages and benefits for all American workers.  My reform proposals are based on the U.S. Constitution: Article 1, Section 8 Paragraph 5 and existing law: the Legal Tender Act of 1862.  There is a link on my web site to the U.S. Treasury Department web site: U.S.Treasury - FAQ: Legal Tender Status of Currency.  At the U.S. Treasury site, you will learn that everything I write and say about Treasury issuance of debt-free United States Notes is true and based on existing law.
As with the New Deal, I propose that federal, state and local governments hire unemployed and underemployed workers.  These people will do useful productive work that benefits the economy and society.  The one major difference between my proposals and the New Deal is that my full employment program will require no tax dollars and no borrowed money. The funding will be in the form of debt-free U.S. Treasury issued legal tender United States Notes (U.S. Notes).  This is the same currency that was issued under Presidents Abraham Lincoln in 1862 and John F. Kennedy in 1963.  Tragically, after they were assassinated, their debt-free monetary policies were reversed by Congress.  The result is the current unnecessary $17 trillion national debt.  The unsustainable national debt threatens vitally important federal funding for necessary Pennsylvania government programs.  It also threatens critically important federal programs like social security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation and funding for national infrastructure.  Of course, millions of Pennsylvanians depend on these programs.    

The Treasury web site clearly states that $300 million of this debt-free currency is an unissued part of our national money supply.  This currency has the same value as, and is interchangeable with, Federal Reserve Notes.  Thus, the argument that U.S. Notes would not be accepted in the global economy is nonsense.  Under the Legal Tender Act of 1862, Congress has the authority to increase the amount of U.S. Notes in the national money supply and put this money into circulation immediately.  This action could instantly end the disgraceful funding restrictions at the Veterans Administration.  U.S. Notes could also instantly solve the funding problems of social security, Medicare, Medicaid, government pensions and the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.  And U.S. Notes could be used for infrastructure funding for Pennsylvania and the nation.    

I have been trying since June of 2004 to provoke a public debate regarding the issue of U.S. Treasury issued debt-free money.  United States Notes can solve America’s federal, state and local fiscal and economic problems.  Despite this fact, the many politicians that I have contacted stubbornly refuse to address this vitally important issue.  Apparently, they lack the courage to defy the financial interests that dominate our economy and maintain an unconstitutional stranglehold on our national money supply.  My unsuccessful ten year battle for a fair public hearing regarding this issue is documented on my web site/blog.

On my web site/blog, there is an open letter to Senator Pat Toomey in which I challenge him to a public debate regarding U.S. Notes.  I explicitly challenge the self-serving myth, created by the financial services “industry,” that U.S. Treasury issuance of U.S. Notes will cause inflation or hyperinflation.  The fact that I thoroughly debunked this destructive myth on my web site/blog probably explains why Senator Toomey refuses to acknowledge my correspondence.  In fact, after more than ten years, no politician, pundit or academic will publicly debate this issue with me.  As for the “printing money causes inflation” myth, after the 2007/2008 subprime mortgage disaster/global credit crisis, the world’s central banks pumped trillions of dollars and other currencies into the global economy.  This caused no hyperinflation.  And since the crash, many economists are still worried about deflation.  Inflation does exist, but it is not the result of “printing money.”  

The problems of high government debt, high unemployment, low wages, declining benefits, high underemployment and America’s frightening economic decline since 1945 can all be fixed.  But the
solutions to these problems can’t be accomplished within the confinement of our current exclusively debt based monetary system.  U.S. Treasury issued, debt-free United States Notes can flow directly to the states to finance government services, reduce debt and reduce taxes.  U.S. Notes would not replace debt-based Federal Reserve Notes, they would supplement the inadequate existing money supply   Some conservative states might reject Treasury issued debt-free money as big government intrusion into their affairs.  As a matter of state’s rights, they can do that.  But, as a matter of state’s rights, as governor you can accept the U.S. Notes and abandon the current Republican austerity mentality.   This is an opportunity to ensure permanent prosperity for all Pennsylvania citizens.

When I ran for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, I was told by voters and uncooperative state politicians that U.S. Treasury issuance of U.S. Notes was a federal issue.  They said that I should stick to state issues.  Well, my wife and I receive social security and Medicare benefits.  My sickly ninety year old mother-in-law is receiving desperately needed Medicaid and my abandoned company pension is funded by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.  Millions of Pennsylvanians depend on these excellent government programs. But, these programs are all underfunded and threatened by the national debt.  United States Notes can instantly make all of these programs permanently solvent.  I ask you, how is this not a state issue?   U.S. Notes can lower taxes and reduce government debt.  These are things that would be welcomed by virtually all Pennsylvanians. 

On my web site/blog, I challenged any politician, pundit or academic to prove that my debt-free monetary/economic proposals are not legal and not practicable.  I have a post office box available to receive their rebuttals; however, year after year, it is always empty.

Please give my web site/blog and my economic and monetary reform proposals serious consideration.  I am very interested in working on your campaign and in your administration.  I would like to work with your staff formulating economic policy.  Please contact me if you are interested in my economic and monetary reform proposals.  Thank you.


Ray Uhric    

[The paper below was ignored by state senator Matt Smith and Governor Tom Wolf]

U.S. Treasury issued debt-free money   by Ray Uhric

It is a self-serving myth, created by Wall Street and the bond market, that government issuance of debt-free money would cause inflation or even hyperinflation. I have discredited this myth on this web site.   So, rather than give a lengthy rebuttal of the myth here, I will ask these questions of any politician, reputable pundit or academic who claim that my debt-free monetary reforms would be inflationary, illegal or impracticable.  

·       If U.S. Treasury issued money would not increase labor or production costs, why would prices go up?
·       The commodity theory of valuing the dollar (“more of something makes it worth less”) is wrong because dollars are not a commodity.  They are a medium of exchange and, unlike debt-based Federal Reserve Notes, their supply is unlimited and not dependent on U.S. government debt (or the assets of the American people) for backing.  So, why would increasing the supply of dollars decrease their value?
·       Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) are based on and backed by U.S. government debt --- Treasury bills, bonds and notes.  According to former Federal Reserve chairman Marriner Eccles, “without that debt, we have no money”!  Of course, these Treasury issued “debt securities” are a liability on the backs of American taxpayers.  The collateral for this debt issuance is our taxes and the assets of every man, woman and child in America!  Is our “monetary system” a form of debt slavery?  The Treasury can legally issue U.S. Notes with no debt burden and no lien on the property and assets of the American people.  Wouldn’t Treasury-issued debt-free money be a more intelligent and fiscally responsible way to fund our government?
·       Congressman Paul Ryan claimed that he will “pay off the national debt.”  Congressman Ryan, please explain exactly how you would do that?    
·       According to the Constitution, (art. 1, sec. 8, par. 5), only Congress has the authority to regulate the value of the dollar “regulate the value thereof” domestically and relative to foreign currencies “and of foreign coin.”  This means that currency speculators on Wall Street regulating and attacking the value of the dollar is unconstitutional and thus, illegal.  Why do our politicians tolerate this illegal and destructive activity?
·       It has been said that United States Notes wouldn’t be accepted by other nations in the global economy.  U.S. Notes are interchangeable with and have the same value as Federal Reserve Notes.  And they are legal tender just like Federal Reserve Notes.  Why wouldn’t they be accepted in global economy?
·       The national debt is a threat to national security and “the general welfare of the American people.  Why have the politicians ignored and stonewalled my call for Treasury issuance of United States Notes for more than ten years?!  Why have they piled an unnecessary $11 trillion on to the national debt and on the backs of taxpayers since 2004 when I first proposed debt-free monetary reform?
·       The “gold bugs” claim that the dollar should be backed by gold, silver or some other “precious metal.”  This is another self-serving myth.  This stupid and unnecessary action would do nothing to “stabilize the dollar.”  In fact, by restricting the money supply, it could cause a recession or even a depression.  But it would be an enormous financial windfall for the gold bugs.  The dollar does not have to be backed by gold, silver or the taxes and assets of the American people.  The dollar gets its value and legal authority from the U.S. Constitution, the LAW and the strength of the American government.  Why would we do something as stupid as backing the dollar fully or partially with gold?
·        In 1862, in order to save the union, President Abraham Lincoln called on the U.S. Treasury to issue debt-free United States Notes.  This was necessary because the United States was on the gold standard and there was not enough gold to back the money needed to fight and win the Civil War.  In 1863 and 1864, Congress passed the National Banking Acts.  This legislation set up a national banking system based on U.S. government debt.  According to some historians, Congress blackmailed Lincoln into signing this redundant legislation.  Lincoln signed it because if he didn’t, Congress would authorize no more U.S. Notes!  Did Congress commit treason in 1863 and 1864 for the benefit of the banksters?  These same historians say that Lincoln planned to repeal the National Banking Acts after the Civil War was won. Tragically, he never lived to fulfill this promise.  Why is the U.S. Congress, to this day, determined to load enormous unnecessary debt on the backs of American taxpayers and undermine the solvency of the American government?
·       Does the current American “monetary system” actually contain any money within the constraints of the U.S. Constitution?  Our current monetary system only contains debt.  The legal authorization for the U.S. Congress to “coin (i.e., create) money” is art. 1, sec. 8, par. 5 of the Constitution.  This authority makes U.S. Notes legal tender.  Article 1, sec. 8, par. 2 gives Congress to authority “to borrow money” by issuing government debt.  A Federal Reserve Note dollar (USD) is currency based on U.S. government debt.  USDs are “authorized” by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, not the Constitution as is the case with United States Notes.  Some people consider the Federal Reserve Act illegal because Congress does not have the authority to give away its enumerated power to create money without a Constitutional amendment.  So, are Federal Reserve Notes really legal Tender?

After badgering a stonewalling Democratic politician (who I will not name) for six months about the issue of debt-free money, he referred me to the Congressional Research Service CRS.  The CRS response was, in my opinion, stupid.  A CRS Ph.D. tried to con me with the insidious, self-serving Wall Street myth that “printing too much money” caused the hyperinflation in Weimar Germany between 1921 and 1924.  In fact, the opposite is true.  The Weimar Republic was forced to print a massive amount of currency in order to maintain an adequate money supply in the economy because of the hyperinflation.  War reparations, social and political instability, default on external debt and out of control economic forces weakened the Weimar government and put downward pressure on the currency.  Also, some people who actually profited from the hyperinflation had a selfish reason to destroy the value of the German currency.  When all these problems were resolved, the currency stabilized.

It is important to remember that after the 2007/2008 sub-prime mortgage meltdown disaster/global credit crisis, central banks pumped trillions of dollars and other currencies into the global economy to prevent a second Great Depression.  Wall Street economists predicted a hyperinflation disaster that never happened.  In fact the Federal Reserve is still worried about deflation. 

Out of control commodity markets can and have caused inflation.  This is what happened during the so-called OPEC oil crisis.  The price of gas went from 35 cents a gallon to $1.35 a gallon permanently despite the fact that the embargo lasted only about eight months.  The price of gas continued to rise even after there was an oil glut when OPEC stopped the embargo.  This price manipulation is what wrecked the economy with “stagflation.”

I coined the term “Greed Inflation” on my web site to indicate the real cause of inflation.  The ability of consumers to pay the price is the reason that prices rise.  The retailers say, “Raise the price and see if it sticks.”  This is Greed Inflation.  This is why President Richard Nixon imposed price controls to fight inflation.  Contrary to conservative mythology, the price controls did help to reduce inflation.

Ray Uhric               

[Below are my letters to state senator Matt Smith]
   PO box 815
      Coraopolis, PA 15108
        March 10, 2015

State Senator Matt Smith

Dear Senator Smith:

Enclosed in this packet is a copy of a letter that I mailed to candidate Tom Wolf on October 6, 2014.  Also included is follow up correspondence that I sent to him when he refused to answer my letter and address the issues raised in it.  To date, he still refuses to answer my letter.

Please have you office contact Governor Wolf and request that he give me a timely point-by-point response to all the issues raised in my letter.

In addition to the letter, I have included a paper that I wrote to addresses any objections that Governor Wolf or anybody else might have to the policy reforms that I propose in my letter. 

You might remember that I was a candidate for the 44th District state representative in 2006 and 2010.  I was a member of the Moon Township Democratic Committee and the Allegheny County Democratic Committee.  I resigned these posts in protest to President Barack Obama’s destructive policies regarding social security.

The considerable personal and financial sacrifices that I have made for the benefit of Pennsylvania and America apparently mean nothing to my elected representatives.  After more than ten years of fighting for a fair public hearing regarding the issues raised in my letter, I have received nothing but form letters and silence.  Whether local, state or the federal level, the stonewall is impenetrable.   I have lost all faith in American “democracy” and the American political system.

Please show me that the political situation isn’t totally hopeless.

Thank you

Ray Uhric

               PO box 815 or
                        Coraopolis, PA 15108
                  March 30, 2015
State Senator Matt Smith

Dear Senator Smith:

I am still waiting for your response to my March 10, 2015 letter.  I would like an E-mail acknowledgment of my letter.  My correspondence to politicians tends to vanish into a black hole of silence.  It is extremely annoying to wait forever for a letter that never arrives.  Governor Wolf’s non-response to my October 6, 2014 letter is a perfect example.

Enclosed is an angry e-mail that I sent to seven friends.  The main point of the E-mail is to show the monumental stupidity of killing our Space Shuttle program (and Pittsburgh based Rockwell International Corporation) while the orbiters still had half of their service life left.  I also included the one unsettling response that I received. Three days ago, American taxpayers PAID the Russians to transport our astronaut to the International Space Station.  We have no way to get him down.  Our stupid politicians are doing their best to provoke a war with Russia.  In that event, will the Russians throw our astronaut off the ISS?  He is outnumbered two to one.  Do you know that the Russians have already threatened reprisals to our ISS astronauts in the past?  They were only joking during “peacetime.”  What happens in the event of war?   

After more than ten years of frustration, I have found it impossible to engage in a meaningful discussion of the issues with ANY of my elected representatives.  To be blunt, my experience with Pippy, Mustio, Casey, Doyle, Murphy, Rendell and Toomey has shown them to be totally worthless.  I sincerely hope that I don’t have to add the names Wolf and Smith to that list.

For more than ten years, politicians from the local to the President of the United States; the media from the local to the national and a dozen “academics” that I have contacted have stonewalled me on the issue of U.S. Treasury issued debt-free money.  In 2004 when I first proposed debt-free money, the national debt was $7 trillion, today it has exploded to $18 trillion!  It threatens our national security and the very way of life of the American people.  Will this stupidity ever be stopped, or will it eventually destroy our country?  As for our Space Shuttle, the program never had to be shut down.  It could have been generously funded permanently with U.S. Treasury issued debt-free United States Notes.  Stupidity indeed! 

Please give me a point by point response to all of the issues in my correspondence.  I await your timely reply.


Ray Uhric