An Open Letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I was disappointed to read that the Post-Gazette endorsed my opponent and dismissed my monetary reform proposals with one sentence: “He believes the federal government should be called upon to print more money.” I invite the voters (as I did the editors of the Post-Gazette) to visit my web site, , to see if my ideas can be dismissed with one sentence.
We constantly hear that we must make painful cuts because we can’t afford our current standard of living. The economy is in recession because of low consumer demand. Homeowners can’t afford to make their mortgage payments. Sick people can’t afford to see a doctor. Social security and Medicare must be cut. Does this sound like an economy with an adequate amount of money?
The government doesn’t issue money. Our money is issued by the Federal Reserve (a bank) based on U.S. Government debt. More money means more debt. This is why our $13 trillion national debt will never be paid off under the Federal Reserve System.
An alternative to this debt based system is found in the United States Constitution: Article 1 Section 8 Paragraph 5. This debt free monetary system currently exists, and it is the source funding that can be used to solve the fiscal problems of Pennsylvania and America. You can read about debt free United States Notes (Greenbacks) on the U.S. Treasury web site: U.S. Treasury – FAQ: Legal Tender Status of currency.
I explain Constitution-based, debt free monetary reform in detail on my web site.
Ray Uhric
Candidate for the 44th District seat in the Pennsylvania General Assembly
The above Letter to the Editor was sent to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in response to the paper’s October 11, 2010, endorsement of my opponent in the race for the 44th District seat in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. In the endorsement interview, my presentation to the P-G editors included copies of articles from this web site and other material. I had hoped that they would embrace my reform ideas or at least give them a fair public hearing. Their response was one misleading sentence: “He believes the federal government should be called upon to print more money.” This is my response to that one sentence:
I challenge the Post-Gazette editorial staff to a public debate on this web site. I challenge the Post-Gazette to explain why my monetary reform proposals can’t be implemented immediately by the U.S. Congress. Your misleading one sentence dismissal of my monetary reform proposals is a disservice to your readers. The voters need to know that the Constitution and the law provide a solution to our fiscal problems.
Please respond in a timely manner.
Ray Uhric,
October 11, 2010