Tuesday, March 5, 2013

UPDATE 2-23-2013

It’s the Stupidity, Stupid
Part 4

Actually, I’m not calling everyone who reads this blog update stupid (despite the attention grabbing title).  My objective is to warn people about the dangers and consequences of accepting stupid ideas as revealed wisdom.  After more than eight years of stonewalling and silence, it is obvious that I have to try harder to get the attention of the politicians, the pundits, the mainstream media (MSM) and the general public.  Calling people stupid will usually get their attention.  I am not running again for public office (calling people stupid is not a good way to get votes). As a non candidate, I don’t have to pander to anyone.  I have a populist message, that is: economic and social justice based on the U.S. Constitution and existing law.

Below is an open letter to my Senator, Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey.  (Democrat Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey still refuses to answer, or even acknowledge, my correspondence.)  This letter is strident and demanding.  However, the current bipartisan attack on social security, Medicare, Medicaid and the solvency and power of the American government demands nothing less.  A copy of this letter will be sent to the local and national media via e-mail and the U.S. Postal Service.  I will communicate in the same way with politicians from the local to the national level and organizations that purport to defend the interests of senior citizens and American’s in general.  The names of these individuals and organizations will be published on the home page of this blog.  I will continue this effort until I get a fair public hearing on the issue of U.S. Treasury issued debt-free legal tender United States Notes.

Moon Township, PA 15108
February 23, 2013


Senator Pat Toomey
502 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC  20510

Dear Senator Toomey:

I just finished reading the part of your web site that deals with “Budget, Jobs and the Economy.”  Your proposals prompted me to write to you again.  First, I would like to remind you that I began writing to you on the day were you elected to your current office.  I sent you a letter on December 11, 2010.  I later e-mailed a copy of that letter to your Washington office and called to confirm that the e-mail was received.  The letter, the e-mail and the call were never acknowledged.  I wrote to you again on February 6, 2011.  This letter was also ignored.  I published all of my correspondence to you on my web site/blog, www.rayuhric.com, hoping that public pressure would force you to publicly debate the issue of U.S. Treasury issued debt-free, legal tender  United States Notes (U.S. Notes or Greenbacks) on my web site/blog.  That didn’t work.  You are still totally insulated and totally silent.  And, you still deny me my first amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” 

What are my grievances?  Approximately $5 trillion has been stolen from the federal “trust funds” and spent by politicians.  This $5 trillion is now the infamous IOUs – intergovernmental debt – that was/is added to the national debt and loaded onto the backs of American taxpayers.  As you know, the only way these IOUs (government bonds) can be “redeemed” is by stealing more money from the taxpayers and/or borrowing more money, which is a liability on the taxpayers.  Then, to add injury to injury, the national debt is used by conservative Republicans (and Democrat fellow travelers) as a bogus “justification” to attack and slash social security, Medicaid, Medicaid and the power and solvency of the American government.  This is an outrageous and scandalous scam against America.  Politicians owe the current and future trust fund beneficiaries every penny of that $5 trillion.  The only way that trust fund money can be truly replaced is with U.S. Treasury issued debt-free, legal tender United States Notes.  Redeeming the IOUs with future tax dollars and/or with borrowed money only compounds the theft.       

I concluded my December 10, 2010, letter with this paragraph: “As an elected official, you are no longer a member of the private sector.  You are part of the federal government.  You are required, by law, to do what is best for the country.  The desires of Wall Street and the financial services “industry” are irrelevant to your job.  America can no longer afford the deregulated, “free market,” financial blunders that have brought America to the point of economic and financial ruin.  I await your timely reply.” 

Well, your reply was certainly not timely, it is nonexistent.  The reason for your silence is obvious to me.  You never changed your allegiance from Wall Street to the American people.  Your statements on your web site make this fact disgustingly clear.  Here are some samples: 

You write that you want to “streamline burdensome regulations.”  I want to know exactly what regulations you are referring to.  It was financial deregulation that destroyed the global and national economies and was/is responsible for our current and ongoing economic and fiscal problems.  It is a scandal and a national disgrace that the monstrous actions of Wall Street and the financial services “industry” can be judged “legal” by the U.S. Justice Department.  (This fact was revealed by Lanny Breuer in the famous November 30, 2012, Frontline interview.)  Thanks to financial deregulation, the destructive derivative “products” that you pioneered on Wall Street were also legal.  Who would deny that regulatory and legislative oversight in this country is a joke?  But, from what I have read on your web site, you want to make a bad situation even worse.  You were labeled a “financial guru” in a February 17, 2013, puff piece in the “liberal” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  If you are so “principled and well versed in financial issues,” why did you do nothing to stop the catastrophic housing bubble that was inflating during the entire time that you held office in the U.S. House of Representatives?

I want you to tell me exactly how “tax policies are hindering job creation and economic growth.”  Could it be that the private sector and their shill politicians are blackmailing the American government into cutting taxes in order to get the business community to drop some crumbs to the American workers?  In my February 11, 2012, Update on my blog, I proposed a “Jobs Bill” that would dramatically reduce unemployment and underemployment, stimulate the economy and increase the gross domestic product (GDP).  This jobs bill would require no Keynesian borrowing from the global credit markets, no legislation from our catatonic Congress and no tax dollars.  My proposal is for a New Deal type full employment program that would be paid for totally with U.S. Treasury issued debt-free legal tender United States Notes.  If you go to my blog site, www.rayuhric.com, you will find a link to the U.S. Treasury Department web site.  There you will learn that everything I say about debt-free legal tender money is true and based on existing law.  You will also learn that U.S. Notes are currently an unissued part of our national money supply!  If you claim that my proposals will cause inflation, I will challenge you to a debate, and I will prove that printing money DOES NOT cause inflation.        

You say you want to “undo Washington’s costly healthcare mandates.”  Alright, what is your solution for affordable, universal full healthcare coverage for all American workers?  Let’s hear it, and we will see how it stacks up against the proposal that I outline on my blog. 

What is “the red tape that undermines economic growth and affordable energy?”  Be specific, so I can determine if your explanation makes sense.  On the subject of energy, what will you do if a fracking pipe going through an aquifer bursts and poisons the water?  I would like to have a comprehensive public discussion with you about America’s energy policy.  We need a reality check.

You worry about taxing the “job creators.”  Are you talking about the people who destroyed American industry in order to ship jobs to low wage countries like Vietnam?  Did America (mostly the poor and working class) fight that terrible war to make Vietnam the preferred low wage production and investment choice for “American” capitalists and investors?  Are you talking about the “job creators” who are making record profits and sitting on trillions of dollars of cash?  Incidentally, this stash of cash continues to grow even after billions of dollars have been spit out in dividends and stock buy backs. This windfall goes to people who didn’t lift a finger to earn that money.  For a humorous examination of the notion that “cutting taxes increases tax revenue,” please read my essay titled “Taxation.”  You can link to it from the home page of my blog.  

You want to “make American companies more competitive.”  American worker’s wages have been stagnant or declining for forty years.  Lack of universal full healthcare for American workers is a national scandal.  Unions have been beaten into submission by the private sector and their goon politicians.  Tell me which businesses pay the mythical thirty-five percent corporate tax rate.  And then tell me which ones pay no taxes at all.  The private sector continues to whine and cry about paying the minimum wage.  But, in order for low wage workers to survive, taxpayers must subsidize their employers by providing food stamps and Medicaid to low wage workers.  Still, you want American workers to be more competitive.  Would legalized slavery satisfy you?

I want you to explain exactly how “job creation and putting our federal government on a sustainable fiscal path are inextricably connected.”  Is the budget deficit and the national debt a red herring that the “job creators” use to blackmail and bamboozle the weakling politicians into slashing or even eliminating social security, Medicare, Medicaid and many other excellent things that our government does?  I have been telling people for more than eight years that the very existence of the national debt is a scam and a scandal. Why is this true?  Our currency is based on U.S. government debt – Treasury bills, bonds and notes.  This means that the national debt will never be paid off and the debt ceiling will always be raised under our current debt based monetary system.  Do you plan to use the totally unnecessary national debt as a destructive weapon to “starve the beast”?  As a patriotic American, I take great offense when conservatives, especially chicken hawk conservatives, call the American government (that I defended for four years in the military), a beast!  

If you really cared about America and if you really cared about our national debt crisis, you would demand that the Republican controlled House of Representatives authorize the U.S. Treasury to issue debt-free, legal tender United States Notes.  With U.S. Notes, we can finally start PAYING OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT.  Let’s get rid of the debt burden that is crushing the taxpayers, social security, Medicare, Medicaid and the government’s ability to promote the general welfare of the American people.  And while they’re at it, Congress can eliminate the budget deficit by funding it with debt-free legal tender United States Notes.  WE DON’T HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM, WE HAVE A DEBT PROBLEM.  WE DON’T HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM, WE HAVE A WALL STREET, “FREE MARKET,” GLOBALIZED ECONOMY PROBLEM.  America’s current fiscal and economic problems are undeniable proof of the failure of our economic, monetary and political systems.  I could go on with my thesis, but I’m sure I have effectively made my point. 

The proposals for “Budget, Jobs and the Economy” on your web site are a Wall Street wish list so transparent that it is shameful.  And, your proposals prove that your allegiance remains with Wall Street and not with the American people.  The conflict of interest between Wall Street, the financial services “industry” and the American people was brutally exposed by the 2007/2008 subprime mortgage disaster/global credit crisis.  After that debacle, there is only one explanation that can account for how a Wall Street banker/derivatives salesman like you can win an election: The Democrat Party is a political joke.

I challenge you to go to my blog site, www.rayuhric.com, and find anything that is in error.  If you find something, put it in writing and send it to PO box 815, Coraopolis, PA 15108.  I will publish your comments and my rebuttal on my blog.  Our debate will be public and in the historical record.  The American people deserve to know the whole truth about the issues that impact our lives.  They certainly won’t learn it from you.  The financial “industry” parasites (aka bond vigilantes) are threatening the American people with their usurious debt weapon. This is a criminal act, in my opinion.  The legal term for this act is EXTORTION! 

Since June of 2004, I have been writing to politicians, the media, pundits, policy makers and academics.  After more than eight years, I have never received a serious rebuttal to anything that I have said on my web site/blog.  Therefore, everything that I have written stands unchallenged.  With this fact as my authority, I am requesting that you publicly explain to the American people why the Republican controlled Congress can’t direct the U.S. Treasury to immediately begin issuing debt-free legal tender United States Notes.  This money could immediately replace the approximately $5 trillion stolen from the federal trust funds.  U.S. Notes could fund the $1 trillion plus federal budget deficit.  U.S. Notes could fund the New Deal type full employment “jobs bill” that I proposed in my February 11, 2012, blog Update.  

Also, I am requesting that Congress partially fund the federal government with U.S. Notes.  This would reduce taxes and give Congress the ability to begin paying off the national debt.  I request that U.S. Notes be sent to the states to solve the budget problems that were caused by the actions of the private sector.  I request that a sufficient supply of U.S. Notes be available for disaster relief.  I request that NASA be deprivatized and returned to its original form, as I proposed on my blog site.  I request that the Post Office be deprivatized and funded totally with U.S. Notes.  The Post Office was established by the Constitution as a government service, not a business.  Instead of borrowing and taxing to pay for a “National Infrastructure Bank,” the money could simply be issued debt and tax free by the U.S. Treasury.  I would be happy to debate privatization and so-called “public/private partnerships” with you anytime.  And if you say that my proposals are inflationary, I will debate you and prove you wrong.       

Senator Toomey, I want you to publicly explain to the American people why my Lincoln/Kennedy Monetary Reform proposals, as outlined in this letter and on my blog site, can’t be implemented immediately.  Your explanation will be put on my blog site, www.rayuhric.com, and we will debate the issues publicly.  In this way, our debate will be included permanently in the historical record.  The time has come for the American people to escape the debt slavery imposed on us by the financial markets.  I’ve been waiting since December of 2010 to talk to you, Senator Toomey.  I await your timely reply.


Ray Uhric